Wellendorff Danke Diamond Ring | Ring of the Year

TYPE: ring
DESIGNER: Wellendorff
ITEM #: 19585

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Danke=Thank You. This ring says: thank you for standing by me in good times and in times of difficulty, for my being able to count on you day and night. For the many special moments and acts that make life so worth living, “thank you” is something that can never be said often enough.

Limited and numbered edition for 216 women throughout the world.

Every year has its outstanding events and is under a special star. Every year, Wellendorff presents a limited annual ring in which a theme in the form of a ring is implemented. The limitation of the numbered annual rings is adapted to the respective year - only a few women worldwide can decorate themselves with this ring.

Ref. 607171

The annual ring 2016 bears the name "Danke". Saying "thank you" is the most valuable thing we can give in recognition to our loved ones. Thanking for the tireless support of our wife, mother or daughter and being held in gold day after day. The Wellendorff annual ring 2016 "Thank you" is limited and numbered for 216 women worldwide.

Brand Wellendorff
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