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14KRG Heart Bolo Bead Bracelet

$ 385.00
SKU 25865
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Perfect for Valentine's, this darling Bolo bracelet features a sweet 14k rose gold heart. The adjustable slide tightens it securely while gold tassels hang delicately. Perfect to layer with other bracelets, or wear by itself.

Most notable in its tie form, the Bolo is believed to have originated in New Mexico. In the early 1930's a man was inspired by local indigenous tribes use of shells to tighten bandanas around their necks. His version saw a braided cord with decorated slide to tighten it, and soon the Bolo soared to popularity in the 1940's, becoming synonymous with Southwestern style. Shortly after the Bolo found its home in Hollywood amidst cowboy depictions on the big screen and home television sets alike. The Bolo is still very much a fashion icon in its own right. 

18k rose gold