Monique Pean "Herkimer" Diamond Ring 40ctw

TYPE: Rings
DESIGNER: Fresh Picks
ITEM #: 9305

If you are into crystal healing this is the ring for you.  Monique Pean's 18k recycled white gold size 7 ring featuring a .40ctw rough quartz "Herkimer diamond."  

Herkimer diamonds are not actually diamonds, but double-terminated quartz crystals discovered within exposed outcrops of dolomite in and around Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley. ]The geologic history of these crystals began about 500 million years ago in a shallow sea which was receiving sediments from the ancient Adirondack Mountains to the north.  

Brand Fresh Picks
Style Ring
Gemstones Diamonds
Country of Origin USA
Material 18k White Gold
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