Oster Jewelers specializes in the top luxury independent watch brands from around the world. Whether you are a novice watch collector just starting out or have been an aficionado for years, Oster Jewelers commitment to quality customer care will insure that you meet the perfect watch for your lifestyle, budget & desire. New, Pre-Owned & trade-in from the following brands:  Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, Bremont, Daniel Wellington, Dior, Giuliano Mazzuoli, Gronefeld, NOMOS, Parmigiani, Speake-Marin, & Ulysse Nardin. Call 303.572.1111 for todays current availability.
Listen in on the latest   Keeping Time With Oster Watches Podcast Episode #34 featuring Xavier de Roquemaurel from Czapek & Cie.

The story of Czapek & Cie is extraordinary: One of the most famous watchmaking names in history has been revived by a small group of passionate entrepreneurial watchmakers and collectors/enthusiasts/investors. Join us as we hear from  co-founder and CEO, Xavier de Roquemaurel. We discuss the origin and founding of the brand through a unique crowd-funding process resulting in a refreshingly transparent brand, crafted with great care and passion. We will discuss the various partners involved in running the company as well as the supply partners who create the artistry and bring the Czapek vision to life.

Oster Jewelers is excited to announce the "Blue Panda" Fauberg de Cracovie chronograph. This Limited Edition of 18 pieces is a world-wide, exclusive collaboration with Czapek & Cie through 2018. Accepting pre-orders now. Deliveries to begin in October. Interested? Phone 303.572.1111 for inquiries.

Thank you for listening to Keeping Time with Oster Watches.