Swiss Capsule Aqua Winder PC05

Swiss Capsule

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Lightest and the quietest. Built to last wireless watch winder.

New ‘capsule’ shape design, patented watch support system, formidable watch winding motor mechanism in an array of colors. The Swiss mechanism with strong long-lasting components and an unmatched motor- performance second to none. Swiss Capsule comes equipped with a 7600 mAh long life battery tested to give peak performance for approx. 2500-3800 hrs. At consumption rate of 2 mA it achieves a speed of 8 RPM. Sheer engineering brilliance helps it achieve 850 rotations per day and can run for approx. 1.77 hours per day.

Only watch winder in the market with a motor warranty of 5 years and battery life ranging from 5 – 7* years.

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