Sydney Evan Starburst Evil Eye Cartouche Carnelian Bracelet

TYPE: Bracelets
DESIGNER: Sydney Evan
ITEM #: 24925
Sydney Evan's 14k yellow gold & diamond starburst and evil eye cartouche charm on a smooth round carnelian stretch bead bracelet. All Sydney Evan beaded bracelets are strung on a stretch cord along with their 14k gold SE logo charm.

Ref. 252623/cke/1125-y812

This Sydney Evan charm bracelet features a cartouche with a starburst and an evil eye in 14k yellow gold and diamonds. A cartouche is an oval ring with one line at the bottom, meant to be a representation of rope folded over itself. Originating from Ancient Egypt, typically the hieroglyphs featured inside the rope shape were used to spell out the name of members of royalty, as cartouches were originally only associated with Pharaohs. The rope was a metaphor for everything the sun encircled and indicated the Pharaoh’s rule over the cosmos. The rope surrounding them also served as a symbol of protection against evil spirits during their life and to protect them in the afterlife.

While the term "cartouche" wasn't adopted until the 1800's with Napoleon's expedition into Egypt, they actually originated towards the end of the Third Dynasty. Known as “shenu” derived from the Egyptian verb Sheni meaning to encircle, they didn't truly come into common usage until the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu during the Fourth Dynasty. Cartouches were often found in burial chambers to protect the deceased in the afterlife, but they eventually found their way into many decorative contexts from boxes to jewelry.

Inside the cartouche charm resides two symbols. First, an 8-pointed starburst, resembling star-like rays of like emanating from it. Eight pointed stars have been found across all different cultures and religion from Babylonia to the Greek Mythology. Egyptians recognized eight deities, paired up representing air, water, darkness, and infinity. The points of an 8-sided star representing each god and goddess. The Greeks equated the 8 pointed star with the Goddess Aphrodite who the Romans and Babylonians identified as Venus and Ishtar respectively. These Goddesses represent sexuality and lust, with Ishtar also representing fertility. The second symbol, the evil eye, serves to ward off evil spirits and wicked intentions from a malicious stare believed to cause bad fortune, illness, or death. Shop more from the Sydney Evan Collection at

Brand Sydney Evan
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