Sydney Evan African Moonstone Pavé Diamond Butterfly Bracelet

TYPE: Bracelets
DESIGNER: Sydney Evan
ITEM #: 24920


Sydney Evan's 14k yellow gold & diamond butterfly charm on a smooth African moonstone stretch bead bracelet.

Ref. 113086/CJP188-Y758.7

A symbol of rebirth, immortality, resurrection, and the soul, the butterfly has long been a popular jewelry choice for adornment by women. The butterfly reminds us of the ability to transform. Their entire lifespan is a metamorphosis from multiple incarnations of the caterpillar in their various instar sizes until they emerge from their chrysalis in their final beautiful form. This wonderous insect is also the symbol for the concept of the "Great Goddess" dating back to to prehistoric Paleolithic period of human history. Personifying heaven and earth as well as life and death this belief surrounding this Great Mother deity led credence to the mythos behind witches having the ability to transform into butterflies. 

In multiple cultures butterflies embody the moving nature of happiness. In China they depict leisure in abundance, joy, and, summer as well as being a symbol of immortality. In Japan they are the ultimate symbol of a young woman, while a fluttering group of butterflies means family happiness. On the other side of the Pacific they represent the glowing fire of the sun in Mexico. They're also attributed to the "Prince of Flowers," the God of spring, love, and vegetation. Ancient Greeks attributed the butterfly to the soul's immortality with Psyche, the Goddess of the Soul, depicted as a woman with butterfly wings.  This idea of the butterfly representing the soul is also found in Slavic folklore. The developmental stages of a butterfly are attributed to life, death, and the resurrection in Christianity, hence why you'll sometimes see the insect depicted in the hand of Christ as an infant.

Real butterfly wings were first incorporated into jewelry pieces during the Art Deco period during the 1924 British Empire Exhibition. Hand-cut pieces were delicately lacquered in precious metals. Not to worry with this stunning Sydney Evan bracelet, as no butterflies were harmed in the making. 

All Sydney Evan beaded bracelets are strung on a stretch cord along with their 14k gold SE logo charm. Shop more from the Sydney Evan Collection at

Brand Sydney Evan
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