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Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Steel Limited Oster Edition | LE10

$ 26,000.00
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In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Oster Jewelers, we are excited to present the new 20 piece limited Oster edition Gravity Equal Force, available in stainless steel (shown), and 18k rose gold, with 10 pieces to be made of each style. This exclusive Anniversary series is the follow up to the first successful GEF Oster Edition which was launched and sold out immediately in 2020. The previous edition was the first Gravity Equal Force to feature a collaboration with Kari Voutilainen with the guilloché dial plate. For the second series, it was decided to explore new dimensions and add further guilloché to the dials and create a truly unique pattern for the dial plate.

Limited edition of 10 pieces. 

Inspiration for the dial plate pattern was drawn from a vintage watch that Jeremy used to wear that featured an incredible tapestry pattern. Kari worked off of photos of various tapestry dials to create a superb, modernized version of the classic pattern from the 1950's. He presented various sizes of cuts which each showed a very different take on the original but they eventually landed on the pattern that looked the most modern and would appear to play with light the most. The result is even more striking than anyone could have imagined.

For the dials Jeremy and Claude Greisler (of Armin Strom) worked together to finalize the design. The main aim of the design was to take a really interesting and hugely successful watch and add a new dimension and not play "safe" with a typical interpretation made to just sell watches. Instead, they looked to really create something special that is an evolution of everything that Armin Strom had created within Gravity Equal Force up to this point and to highlight the unique technical brilliance of Claude's creation along with the stunning artistic execution of Kari Voutilainen (Comblemine). This has more than been achieved with these special editions. Reserve yours today.

ASB19 with micro rotor on dial side and Geneva-drive constant force barrel
- Hours, minutes, seconds
- Power reserve
- Regulating System
Power Reserve
72-hour power reserve
25,200 vph
Stainless steel
Custom Guilloché pattern by Kari Voutilanen
41 mm
12 mm

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Photos by © (Jason Pitsch) &  © (Xavier Markl). 

See more photos and read more about this unique watch collaboration at and

Oster Jewelers is an Authorized Armin Strom Watch Dealer