Fope Eka Tiny Yellow Gold Necklace 730C

ITEM #: 20256


This beautiful 18k yellow gold necklace by FOPE is 32 inches of FOPES's iconic rope chain from the Eka Tiny Collection. 730C 32"

As the name suggests, the collection is a close relative of the first Flex’it, Eka, this time round in a different guise. The apparent simplicity (it’s a scaled-down version of an existing design) hides a complex engineering process: the result is a gold mesh which is both familiar and original in style. This elegant jewellery collection is extremely easy to wear and quintessentially Fope. 

FOPE presents a new original 18-carat gold collection, whose fine and smooth chain is the result of exclusive technologies. The design represents a luxuriously minimalistic version of the iconic Novecento mesh, as revealed by the typical “links” that are the brand’s signature.

Brand FOPE
Style Necklace
Material 18kyg
Features 32"
Color White Diamonds
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