Wellendorff Brilliance of the Sun Magic Necklace

DESIGNER: Wellendorff
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The Wellendorff rope from the Brilliance of the Sun generation nestles with delicate vibrancy against the wearer’s skin. On the tenth anniversary of this modern rope design, the striking masterpiece is more flexible than ever before. For the first time, the necklace can be worn as a single strand or in contrasting combination with eye-catching effect, making a vibrant statement.

Using a special, secret goldsmithing technique, the rope, created from finely wound wire, is given delicate bevelled surfaces to reflect the light, creating the archetypal sparkling pattern for which the “Brilliance of the Sun” collection is known. Created from 18-karat gold yet nestling softly against the skin, the rope exemplifies the exceptional German-made craftsmanship of the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory goldsmiths.

A hand-enamelled rondel engraved with golden vines makes this necklace a unique piece. And yet the true secret is contained within the rondel itself, which also serves as a jewellery clasp. The clasp is incorporated invisibly into the design and can be opened only with a discreet rotating movement, representing a feat of technical brilliance by the Wellendorff goldsmiths from the golden city of Pforzheim. As if by magic, it closes by itself, giving the secure clasp true visual appeal. With its shades of turquoise and light blue, the rondel gleams with incomparable brilliance, while an innovative engraving technique, causing light to be reflected, makes it shine like a gemstone, unleashing a wonderful play of colours. A play of colours that creates high spirits and joy, that captures eternity and allows, through its effortless transparency, a glimpse into its mysterious depths.

18KYG 17 inches

Ref. 407859

Brand Wellendorff
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