Wellendorff Now 2018 Necklace

DESIGNER: Wellendorff
ITEM #: W1

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The Necklace of the Year, celebrating the 125th anniversary of Wellendorff, is limited to 41 pieces of jewellery. The limited number refers to the 41st year of our iconic Wellendorff rope.

141 unique diamonds, 109 metres of the finest gold wire, 23 hours of work by the skilled hand of the setter, 9 months of passionate development, 125 years of experience from a family of goldsmiths.

At first glance, the Necklace of the Year 2018 NOW is a classic, concentric piece that can be worn easily every day. However, the art of producing this necklace lies in the special skill and intuition of Wellendorff’s goldsmiths and in the manufactory’s 125 years of jewellery making experience. A brilliant strand of diamonds is elegantly surrounded by three Brilliance of the Sun ropes.

The piece hangs perfectly against the body, thanks to our specially devised settings.

In the centre of the necklace, two of the golden strands are held together discreetly: the painstakingly precise craftsmanship creates inherent tension, making the ropes fan out slightly and nestle perfectly underneath the diamonds. The third Brilliance of the Sun strand rests gently above,creating a focal point and turning the entire necklace into a symbol of life, whose journey is defined each day by the inseparable trilogy of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The past influences what the present holds in store, and the decisions of today shape the history of tomorrow.


Brand Wellendorff
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