Hammerman Diamond Choker Necklace

DESIGNER: hammerman
ITEM #: 24964

Chains find a new link with Hammerman's diamond choker necklace. Two hundred and thirty-five diamonds stud this white gold and platinum choker necklace making for a spectacular look with an edgy modern style.

Ref. 01988

HAMMERMAN Jewel is unique in every way. Old world craftsmanship, ever changing designs and the highest quality precious stones are the hallmark of each and every HAMMERMAN Collectible. 

HAMMERMAN remains one of the very few American Made manufacturing and Design Houses. All of our jewels are designed and created in our manufacturing atelier. With ever vigilant care for maintaining the highest standards of quality, a family member oversees every step of the creation of each and every HAMMERMAN Jewel. 

Brand hammerman
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