Bremont : 

Bremont's attention has always been focused towards quality aviation wristwatches that are very much usable in rugged environments. It's for this reason that Bremont watches are tested beyond all call of duty by leading aviation organizations and by a unique set of people who continue to set records. Durable in the extreme conditions. Learn more about Bremont.

Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast Season 3, Episode 2

We are thrilled to welcome Michael back to Keeping Time and back to BREMONT! One week after re-joining Bremont, the brand that Michael helped successfully build in the USA, Michael joins us to discuss where the brand sits today, plans for the future and why he is so happy to be back. Join us as we chat about the challenges and the motivations behind Michael returning to the British brand where Michael built his reputation. This is a highly enjoyable and honest conversation between host Jeremy Oster and Michael Pearson, Head of Business Development for Bremont Watches, USA.