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Wellendorff Embrace Me Now 18K Bracelet

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A duality of 18k white and yellow gold dances together with a ribbon of diamonds on the flexible Embrace Me Now bracelet. The Wellendorff goldsmiths realised the impossible by designing an 18-karat gold bracelet in such a way that it always returns smoothly and remains true to its original shape after being taken on and off. 

Available in 18k yellow or white gold. Reserve yours today.

The EMBRACE ME NOW design is characterised by the balance of its geometric form and the romantic Wellendorff ropes: a white gold strand with individually hand-set diamonds and two yellow gold Brilliance of the Sun ropes flow smoothly over each other. The diamond strand comprises numerous freely moving settings that, together with the gold ropes, gently embrace the wearer - creating a feeling more intimate and precious than ever before. The unique bracelet is signed with the Diamond W, the most valuable trademark in the world. Alongside a small, vibrant red enamelled heart, it represents the genuine values of Wellendorff.

Perfection down to the last detail. 

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
18-karat white gold (also available in yellow gold)
3,139 ct. TW/IF/VVS
Special features:
As soft as silk on the skin

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