K. Brunini Sapphire & Diamond Ring

TYPE: Rings
DESIGNER: K. Brunini
ITEM #: 11671

K Brunini's gorgeous 1.64ct baby blue sapphire set in 18kwg with .22ctw Diamonds. This blue sapphire halo ring is a beautiful and unique engagement ring set on a white gold  twig motif ring. 

Katey Brunini creates fine jewelry that embodies the power and grace of nature. Whimsical and poetic, Katey’s signature collections include:  Twig, Vertebrae, DNA, Skipping Stones, Spider Web, Objects Organique, Spirit Animals and Body Armor. Her jewelry is made with poetry laced in its shapes.

Brand K. Brunini
Style Ring
Gemstones 1.64ct Sapphire
Country of Origin USA
Material 18k White Gold
Detail .22ctw Diamonds
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