NOMOS Sundial Glashutte Gold Plated

TYPE: Watches
ITEM #: 18855

The NOMOS Sundial is their least expensive calibre. Very eco-friendly, all you need is the sun to tell the time. Now the NOMOS sundial is also available in fine gold—champagne gold to be exact. The ring (plated with 23 kt gold) hangs on a fine leather cord, meaning the sundial can be worn both around the neck and on the finger. How to use it? Set the date ring to the current date, turn the sundial towards the sun, and let the light shine through the hole. A sunbeam tells the local time in Glashütte on the ring’s inside edge.


Oster Jewelers Is An Authorized NOMOS Retailer

Detail Sundial ring is plated with 23kt gold, with laser-cut time and month markers. Goat leather cord.
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