Roberto Demeglio

ROBERTO DEMEGLIO: Diamonds in the Round

It is an emotion that gives life to unique objects, precious metamorphosis of a long lasting goldsmith tradition. A very well-known tradition in Turin, it was started in 1922 by grandfather Demeglio, it was then handed on to his sons and daughters and now inherited by his grandsons.

Following in the wake of this tradition, Roberto, goldsmith son and grandson of a goldsmith father and grandfather, sets out on new paths, he develops his own tastes and interests, thus creating in a few years a company that draws and carries out unique objects intended for important national and international companies in this field and for his show-room in Turin.

Roberto’s designs are not on one side of a piece of jewelry, but encompass the jewelry and become the jewelry. Every role of the necklace and bracelet displays glistening diamonds. Roberto Demeglio is the 2009 Couture Design Winner for Best in Platinum. To learn more about Roberto Demeglio, please visit

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