How to Wear Your Pearls

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#1. Beyond the Perfect White Strand

Because of the natural luminosity and softness of pearls, any pearl color is going to look great. That's mother nature working hard for you. So, keep your basic whites, but think about going beyond them and grabbing some pink, grey, black, warm golds and yummy chocolate for earth's greatest skin reflector.


#2. Throw Convention Out the Door

Don't be afraid to wear pearls with your jeans and t-shirts during the day. That's right, throw convention out the door. Sure, they are perfect for the opera, but they can really freshen and dress up that all-American casual outfit. Hip out your little white tank, t-shirt or blouse with this graduated Utopia aquamarine, citrine and pearl necklace. This necklace works with suits, casual and black tie.



#3. One Pearl Strand, Many Looks

Create multiple looks out of that one long strand that you have in your jewel box. Wrap it multiple times to create a choker look. Wrap it around your wrists several times to fashion a chunky bracelet. Make a simple knot at 3/4 on the length to create a lariat effect. For a special night out, have your hairdresser weave it in and out through an up swept do. If your dress has a deep V in the back, turn the necklace around to frame the back.

#4. Layering

Coco Chanel updated the look from Victoria times and added gold link chains for a contemporary feel that is still worn today. Personalize your pearl story by mixing it up with different millimeter pearl sizes, with metal links like Dominque Cohen's 18KYG Hexagon Chain. Keep the top or jacket simple and then pile on the pearls and metal chains.

#5 Think Proportion

Think proportion. If you are layering a lot of pearls as necklaces, keep the earrings simple to avoid a busy look. If you are wearing multiple pearl bracelets or a big chunky pearl bracelet, a sizable pearl cocktail ring looks smashing. If the pearl earrings are on the big size, go light on the necklace and focus on rings and/or bracelets for a healthy spatial distance. Robert Wan's Tahitian pearl and black diamond bracelet looks great paired with Antonini's Tahitian pearl solitaire ring.

#6. So Many Different Styles to Choose From

There are so many unique pearl designs out there, so feel free to step out side the basics. Robert Wan's Opera Tahitian pearl necklace tied on leather cord. Martin Bernstein's pearls nested in the tiniest chains and mixed with other large stones.

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