Wellendorff:  Legacy & Elegance

Ernst Alexander Wellendorff began creating jewelry masterpieces for European royalty in the late 1800's.  His family-owned business continues to flourish based on the unique design work and highest standards carried down for generations.  As one of the world's most successful luxury goods companies, Wellendorff is the perfect blend of German culture and international jewelry craftsmanship.  Only sold by a few select authorized jewelers, Wellendorff rings are some of the most elusive and priceless items.  Wellendorff rings incorporate precious stones and diamonds into a unique design that rotates in the middle.  Their style represents timeless beauty and lasting value.  Each piece is signed with the company's diamond studded "W" logo, a sign that speaks for the spirit of the jewelry making and the extraordinary creativity that lies behind it.  To learn more about Wellendorff, please visit www.wellendorff.com

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